CIRTL SoTL Workshop

The CSW was held May 6, 8, 10. Registration is now closed. The next CSW will be held in May 2025.

Hosted in partnership with the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.


The CIRTL Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Workshop (CSW) is a three day, in-person, intensive professional development session designed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows interested in broadening and enhancing their instructional skills. It caters to individuals who have some basic skills and experience but are looking to continue to build a deeper understanding of teaching and learning, both in theory and in practice. We take a learner-centered approach that will have experienced in some of your previous teaching and learning professional development. Participants benefit from practicing skills and sharing ideas in a cooperative environment. You must already have CIRTL Associate status before registering (an ISW, FoP, or similar).

During the workshop you will teach two short lessons and receive feedback from your peers and conduct a small project focused on your teaching. You will work closely with peers and trained facilitators (many of whom are award winning UBC graduate student TAs). In this supportive atmosphere you will have a chance to begin to develop new teaching skills, to enhance existing skills, and/or to try new and challenging ideas.


  • Design and deliver a learner-centered lesson
  • Give and receive specific, constructive and developmental feedback on teaching in a growth-supported environment
  • Apply research and theory-based principles in lesson design that supports learning
  • Discover approaches that establish and maintain an inclusive learning environment
  • Identify and develop your teaching values and beliefs with a statement of teaching philosophy


The CIRTL SoTL Workshop is open to graduate and post-doc students from UBC. A total of 25 seats are available to participants and will be allocated via name-draw after registration closes.

Information on the selection process: We will assign spaces based on a name-draw after closing the registration period. You will be informed by email approximately 3 weeks in advanced of the start date of the program. Once you receive an email indicating your opportunity to enroll in the CIRTL SoTL Workshop, you will have 1 week to finalize your registration by signing a written confirmation of your registration and agree to pay a $60 fine should you withdraw after this point.