Become a CIRTL Practitioner

Completion of a small Teaching as Research (TAR) project or the Teaching Practicum results in recognition as a CIRTL Practitioner. Often, UBC TAR interns present and/or publish their findings and advance to become CIRTL Scholars. TAR projects are open to MSc, Ph.D. or post-doctoral fellows in any year of their program.

Additionally, the CIRTL Summer Teaching Institute. A 3-day teaching intensive workshop that combines an emphasis on learning evidence and theory-based approaches to teaching and learning with the opportunity to apply those theories in practice. It builds on concepts from FoP1 and ISW. Participating in the Summer Institute is another opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to obtain valuable knowledge and practice on evidence-based teaching methods and receive CIRTL Practitioner status. Open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Those who have already taken ISW or FoP 1 will find the Institute a valuable opportunity to revisit the theory, hone their skills through the highly popular peer-based ‘Mini-Lesson’ teaching and feedback cycles, and connect with the wider CIRTL community.

Once you have finished your project or the Teaching Practicum, you can fill out this form to get your CIRTL Practitioner status.