Postdoc Internship

What is the Postdoc Teaching Internship?

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Introduction to PDTI

Postdoctoral Fellows’ Teaching Internship (PDTI) is a teaching development program designed specifically for UBC postdocs who are interested in pursuing academic teaching as a part of their career.  The program is being offered by UBC’s Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) in collaboration with the Postdoctoral Fellows Office.

Program outcomes

By the end of the Internship, the PDFs will be able to

  1. Create a framework for how a typical university course operates
  2. Articulate how teaching and learning theories intersect with the practical requirements of a university course
  3. Design university lessons which incorporate learner-centred lesson planning basics, demonstrating the alignment of learning objectives, learning activities and assessment techniques
  4. Develop and refine a teaching portfolio using the evidence of teaching effectiveness gathered throughout the internship


The PDTI consists of two major components implemented over approximately one academic semester:

  1. The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW): A widely recognized 24-hour teaching intensive workshop where the participants learn and practice the fundamentals of lesson planning and adult learning theory in a peer-based environment.
  2. Mentored Teaching Practicum: A one-term mentorship program where the PDF (referred to as ‘the intern’ or ‘the mentee’ in the rest of this document) works with an experienced instructor in their discipline (referred to as ‘the mentor’ in the rest of this document) to enhance their understanding and experience of teaching a university course. During the internship, the interns will observe mentors in their teaching, teach guest lectures and receive feedback on their teaching, discuss approaches to teaching with their mentors, and engage in group discussions of teaching with other PDFs from their cohort.
  3. Supporting workshops: Throughout the internship, CIRTL also offers a number of teaching development workshops (typically one 2-hour workshop per month) to support the interns for different components of the Internship. This may include workshops on:
    • Jan 07, 2020 Developing Teaching Philosophy statements
    • Feb 04, 2020 Lesson planning clinic
    • Mar 03, 2020Discipline-based Educational Research
    • Mar 31, 2020 Q&A sessions with a panel of teaching experts

CIRTL Outcomes

    • Completing the ISW will lead to CIRTL Associate level.
    • Completing all mandatory components of the practicum and supporting workshops will lead to CIRTL Practitioner level.

When does it start?

Our first PDTI cohort successfully completed the program in April 2019.  The next cohort is scheduled for January 2020 and will open with a postdoc-specific Instructional Skills Workshop planned for November 17, 23, 24, 2019.


How to register for the PDTI?

Register for the November Postdoc Instructional Skills Workshop

Registration is now open for the November Postdoc ISW. Please submit your application by October 25 through the Postdoctoral Fellows Office Professional Development Events. You will be contacted to confirm your registration once registration is closed.

Pre-register for the PDTI (January 2020 cohort) 

Once you have completed the Postdoc ISW (or if you have already completed the ISW, Foundations of Pedagogy, or CIRTL Summer Teaching Institute), you will be eligible to enroll in the next cohort of the Postdoc Teaching Internship.  If you are interested in being a part of the PDTI, feel free to submit the following pre-registration form. We will inform you when the registration for the next cohort opens.

If you have any questions about the program, contact us at