Teaching as Research (TAR)

In a Teaching as Research (TAR) project, a graduate student partners with an instructor to identify a challenge to student learning in the classroom, develops new teaching resources or approaches, and tests if this new approach did improve student learning. Students can devise their own projects, in discussion with a faculty member partner, or projects can be created around faculty members’ existing areas of scholarly inquiry into their teaching (e.g. an existing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project). TAR projects are open to MSc, PhD, or post-doctoral fellows in any year of their program.

A TAR graduate award is stipend support for $7,000 (non-renewable), and available for MSc students in year 2 of their program, or PhD students in years 2-5 who are undertaking a TAR project. Applications for 2018 TAR Graduate Awards will be accepted from April 20, 2018 through May 25, 2018. If you are eligible for a TAR Award, you can apply here.

TAR projects are designed to give graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows, authentic teaching experiences, either in the classroom or in an informal science education or outreach setting. STEM practitioners have many existing research skills that can be used to develop effective and efficient teaching practices. Recognizing that teaching and learning is a dynamic and ongoing process, which can be improved in an iterative fashion and which can be systematically studied, are important commonalities with disciplinary research.