Mentored Discussions of Teaching

Mentored Discussions of Teaching is a one-term participatory workshop where Ph.D. or post-doctoral fellows observe a mentor in their teaching, discuss the mentor’s approaches to teaching, and engage in group discussions of teaching. This is intended as a first step in learning about effective teaching practices in undergraduate education, and completion with be recognized with a CIRTL Associate credential. If the participant is already a CIRTL Associate, then completion of a MDT will result in CIRTL Practitioner status.

Expectations of participants

Three group meetings at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT); two meetings with their mentor; 2-3 classroom observations and some reading about teaching.

  1. Attend orientation (Meeting 1) to meet peers, discuss your teaching goals, the program components, and learn about CIRTL. [mentees alone and lunch with both then mentors alone].
  2. Meet with your faculty mentor to discuss their course and your mentor’s teaching philosophy.
  3. Option to participate in a peer review of teaching workshop at CTLT.
  4. Observe 2-3 classes in your mentor’s course and take notes to inform subsequent discussions. Identify a topic that you would like to explore.
  5. Option to teach a lecture.
  6. After the classroom visit, meet mentor to discuss what you observed in the classroom in the context of teaching and learning in the discipline. Discuss your topic of interest with your mentor.
  7. Find a research paper on your topic of interest (note: Education library is great resource-Joseph on-line modules).
  8. Attend Meeting 2 to discuss your topic of interest reading with the other participants. Facilitator use ORID, what do you learn from the paper based on what paper said, reflect, and apply.
  9. Write a short reflection, make a draft statement of teaching philosophy (Joseph-online module), and complete a program survey.
  10. Attend final program meeting (Meeting 3) to discuss what you have learned and identify future teaching development opportunities.

Expectations of faculty mentors

  1. Meet with your mentee to discuss your ideas about teaching, share your course syllabus, make your expectations clear for their classroom observation (Do you want to introduce them to the class? Do you want them to participate in activities or advise students during activities?).
  2. (optional) Attend Meeting 2 to discuss readings with participants.
  3. (optional) Allow other MDT participants to drop in to your class.
  4. Meet with your mentee to discuss their observations of your classroom.

Optional: Attend final program meeting (Meeting 3) to discuss your experience in the program.