How to become a CIRTL Participant at UBC

How to become a CIRTL Associate at UBC

At UBC, there are several ways to become a CIRTL Associate. Completion of any ONE of the following will result in recognition as a CIRTL Associate.

  1. The Foundations of Pedagogy course. This is a free, non-credit course to learn about teaching effectively. At the end of the one-term course (Two hour class for eight weeks), you will be able to use concepts in evidence-based teaching to effectively teach a lesson in a STEM undergraduate classroom.
  2. Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), a 3-day (24 contact hours) foundational teaching skills workshop that uses mini-lessons and intensive peer feedback to emphasize reflective teaching practices. The effective elements of the ISW that are closely aligned with CIRTL core values are strong learning community created by the peer-to-peer instruction in each workshop, the recognition of the iterative nature of teaching improvement, and emphasis on student diversity in learning.
    If you have taken an ISW, please fill out the form below.

How to become a CIRTL Practitioner at UBC

Completion of any ONE of the following will result in recognition as a CIRTL Practitioner:

  1. Teaching as Research (TAR) project in collaboration with a UBC faculty member. The TAR project involves identifying a challenge to student learning in a UBC course, creating learning objects or teaching strategies to address the challenge, and testing whether this improves student learning.
  2. Foundations of Pedagogy course-module 2: Evidence-based STEM teaching.

Become a CIRTL Associate after ISW graduation