Faculty proposed TAR projects

These are projects submitted by UBC faculty, looking for a TAR intern to work on a specific challenge to student learning in a STEM classroom. If you are interested in partnering with one of these projects, please email cirtl.info@ubc.ca. If you are a UBC faculty member interested in finding a TAR intern to work with you on a project, please apply here.

What sorts of course delivery methods do/might you use (e.g. synchronous, asynchronous, Canvas, prerecorded video, discussion boards, projects, presentations, etc.)?
Synchronous face-to-face or online lessons, tutorial style workshops, pre-recorded video.
Give a brief description to a course if you were to explain it to an instructor who was unfamiliar with it (i.e. teaching approach & teaching methods).
CHEM 100: Foundations of Chemistry is a pre-first year chemistry course designed to cover high school chemistry content. The group of students who take this course are diverse and most are not Science students. I use active learning methods such as worksheets, clicker questions, and collaborative learning (think-pair-share, group work) in the class. Students use simulations to develop conceptual understanding.
Does this project focus on the student experience or the instructor experience?
  • Student Experience
Big goal of this TAR project
Improve conceptual understanding
Is this project part of a larger scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) project?
  • No
What are some things that have emerged for you in your teaching? Identify a specific issue, topic, or challenge that could be addressed in this TAR project.
Despite implementing active learning teaching techniques, students still show very little improvement on a pre/post concept inventory. I think more targeted interventions with feedback are needed.
How might you imagine you could document this within the context of your course?
Student interviews, concept surveys
How would you assess if the TAR project affects student learning? What are measures beyond comparing student grades?
Student interviews, concept surveys
Additional comments
I am very open to ideas to teach conceptual understanding, and I look forward to collaborating with a TAR intern!