pre-TAR seminar

As part of our TAR internship program, we offer a pre-TAR workshop series. Participation is open to all prospective TAR Interns and will support your understanding of all elements of your TAR project. This includes identifying a challenge to student learning, formulating a research question, research methods and situating your TAR project in the discipline-based educational research.



  • CIRTL Associate training
  • Confirmed registration for an ISW before the TAR GSA deadline (for non CIRTL-Associates)

Beyond your knowledge from your CIRTL Associate training, you are not required to have prerequisite knowledge. We focus the workshop level to those who have never pursued qualitative or mixed-method research (typically STEM)


March 31st, 12pm – 2pm: Epistemology: Bridging from Your Discipline to SoTL & TAR

April 13th, 2pm – 4pm: Ethics (BREB), Methodologies & Defining Your Research Question

April 21st, 3pm – 4pm: Accessing the Educational Research Literature

April 30th, 2pm – 4pm: Drop-In for Application Support & Feedback

A link to registration to the workshops will be posted here closer to the start of the series.